Steps Of Faith

Our Journey

Building better websites for less.

We Keep Websites Updated So You Don't Have To!

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You Found Cliksites!

I am so happy you found Cliksites!

When I started Cliksites, my goal was to provide people with websites they loved at a price anyone can afford.

What a blessing it is to see that dream become a reality!

To be honest, I love creating.

I love creating graphics, designing websites, writing novels, screenplays and series episodes. I love creative  technology created by other creative people.

I love what I do and I am good at it.


From East to West and Back to the Middle

Several years ago, in a huge step of faith, I moved my family to Broken Arrow, OK, so my children could attend a youth group.

Why a youth group?

Originally from Florida, we spent many years traveling throughout California for business while my children were toddlers. 

There were not many churches in California. The church we attended was 40 minutes away and had only 10 children in their youth group.

We wanted better.

Local Website Design Agencies

After arriving in Broken Arrow, I worked with several website design agencies. They were all terrible experiences.

Basically, their business model was to charge customers a fortune to build disappointing websites. The websites were never updated and slowly became outdated until the agency charged another fortune to build a new website.

I hated it.

Customers Were Stuck With 3 Bad Options

Option 1 – Build your own website and update it yourself.

Unfortunately, many people can’t afford to hire an agency to build and maintain their website, so they build it themselves. This quickly becomes too complicated and takes too much time.

These customers become frustrated and unhappy with their website.

They too want better.

Option 2 – Build your own website and hire an employee to update it.

This can quickly become very expensive. It leads to struggling websites maintained by employees that move on and are replaced over and over again.

These customers also become frustrated and unhappy with their website.

They too want better.

Option 3 – Pay a fortune to an agency for a website you don’t like.

This option is too expensive and the results are not as good as expected.

There had to be a better way.

A Better Way

I knew I could do better.

I can build better websites and keep the content updated, for less than it costs to hire an employee or an agency. 

I can build websites that you are proud of, and grow the websites as you grow.

This is why Cliksites exists: To give people who want websites a better option they never had before, at a price they can afford.

Keeping Costs Down

Cost saving steps that make it possible for Cliksites to build and maintain customer websites for less:

Many functions of building, maintaining and marketing websites have been automated. The goal is to keep costs down.

This saves hours every day because I talk too much and would otherwise spend hours on every call making new friends.
Choose a Clikplan that works for you and start growing.
Update requests are submitted via a custom ClikBar or by text messages. This makes change requests super easy.
We are a team of professionals, designers & coders using our skills to bless others.
We all work remotely. Considering travel time to and from a work location, and lunch breaks, this saves hours each day. We also remain debt free.
Our lead generation system reduces marketing time and expenses.
Want to trade items or services for a website? Cars? ATVs? Vacation rentals? Professional services?

Go For It!

If you want a website you can be proud of, and someone to update the website for you, so you can focus on what you do best, Cliksites is the solution for you.

Get a website you love for less than it costs to hire an employee or hire an agency.

Only $2 – $12/day


Select a Clik Plan that works best for you and start growing.

Clik Plans can be changed at any time.